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Biotropin is a pure HGH somatropin which offers excellent quality at a great price. Equally as good if not better as one of the more established HGH brands for sale today.

Somatropin (rDNA origin) injection Recombinant Human Growth Hormone 191 Amino Acid sequence Powder for injection Solution

Biotropin pure Somatropin

Biotropin is made by Life-Tech labs coming out of Hong Kong. Its genuine freeze dried HGH powder that needs to be mixed with water prior to injection. If you want to buy biotropin you will also need the necessary water. This product is an excellent HGH powder thats even better than some of the better known brands and is very rarely faked.

You can verify the product is genuine in Life-Tech labs website.

You can check that your powder is authentic by visiting the makers website and entering the code for verification. The great thing about this HGH is that its very rarely faked because the fakers tend to focus on the more well known brands.

It comes in 3 sizes

It comes in three different sizes each with its own name

  • Performance contains 10x12iu vials of powder
  • Fitness contains 10x10iu vials of powder
  • Wellness contains 10x6iu vials of powder
5kits biotropin
3 different size kits available


It needs to be mixed with water

Biotropin comes as a freeze dried powder which means it must be mixed with bacteriostatic water prior to injection. The water is loaded into a syringe and injected into the vial containing the powder. The vial must never be shaken to mix the contents as somatropin is a very fragile medicine and shaking could render it useless. If you need to mix it you can gently turn the vial until the powder is completely dissolved.

Store it properly

The solution must then be kept in the fridge (the powder must be kept refrigerated too) in either the vial or the syringe. A lot of users keep the whole 1ml solution in the syringe and  use it as necessary. Or you can keep it stored in the vial and draw it into the syringe just before injection. It must be stored at a temperature of 2-8 degrees centigrade and away from UV light.

Once mixed it should be used within 30 days. It can be kept stored as a powder for much longer. All boxes have expiry dates and you should take this into account when buying biotropin.


Biotropin really is a very underrated human growth hormone simply because its not that well known. The quality of it is superb and its one of our best sellers with customers coming back time after time. That should tell you how good this brand is. Highly recommended.


  • Performance contains 10x12iu vials of powder, 5 kits $900 (total 600iu)

  • Fitness contains 10x10iu vials of powder, 5 kits $750 (total 500iu)

  • Wellness contains 10x6iu vials of powder, 5 kits $450 (total 300iu)

5kits biotropin

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