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HGH speeds recovery post surgery

HGH can help post surgery or after serious injury HGH boosts the healing processes of the body making recovery after serious injury or an operation quicker Its been established now for some time that human growth hormone will quicken the healing process by increasing the rate at which new tissue …

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Cure periodontal gum and oral bone loss with HGH

Periodontitis is now treatable with human growth hormone Periodontitis is probably more commonly known as gum disease. Really it should be called gum and bone disease because if left untreated it can not only destroy gum material but also bone mass into which the teeth are embedded.   Until now …

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Multiple Sclerosis and HGH

Can human growth hormone be used to treat Multiple Sclerosis? HGH can benefit Multiple Sclerosis sufferers in a number of ways It has often been suggested that taking HGH supplements may of beneficial to those suffering from the terrible wasting disease Multiple Sclerosis. Firstly it has been demonstrated that HGH …

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