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Gen-Tropin AQx

Buy Gen-Tropin AQx for a ready mixed HGH solution ready to inject

If you buy Gen-Tropin AQx you are getting a unique product. It is pure somatropin human growth hormone. The unusual thing about Gen-Tropin AQx is that it is already in solution. Most other HGH products come as powders that you have to mix.

Gen-Tropin AQx sometimes described as Gentropin AQx (not to be confused with genotropin) can either be used with a HGH pen similar to a Insulin pen, or it can be drawn up into a syringe and injected that way as recommended by the makers (if you haven’t got the pen of course)

buy gen-tropin Aqx
Gen-tropin Aqx comes in kits of 5x30iu glass vials of ready mixed HGH solution ready for injection. A HGH pen can be used but its just as easy with a syringe

Gen-tropin Aqx comes ready mixed in glass vials ready for injection. No messing about with powders and mixing etc.

Gen-tropin Aqx comes in packs of 5 glass vials each containing 30iu each. Its made by Bio-Gen Pharma and has a very good reputation for quality. Even though it is mixed its expiry dates are usually 3 years.

Once the cartridge has been pierced its shelf life is about 6 weeks if stored at the correct temperature. So once you have started using a vial you should use it within 6 weeks, otherwise it can be stored for lengthy periods with no problems.


The pros and cons of using Gen-tropin Aqx

Gen-tropin Aqx is regular HGH human growth hormone and as such has all the same benefits that human growth hormone has been shown to produce.

Pros of using Gen-tropin Aqx

  • Quality muscle gain
  • Fat removal
  • Increased libido
  • Improved cholesterol profile
  • Increased bone density
  • Better younger skin
  • Faster recovery times (from injury or training)
  • Can use with a syringe or pen
  • Doesn’t need mixing

Cons of using Gen-tropin Aqx

  • Solution is already mixed so doesn’t keep as long as powders
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Water retention

When you buy Gen-tropin Aqx HGH you need to be aware of the side effects of using HGH. These side effects are not unique to Gen-tropin Aqx but rather to human growth hormone generally.

Gen-tropin Aqx is not from some dodgy underground lab. Its used in Asian hospitals to treat injuries and burns. Its also used for quality of life purposes such as reversing ageing and gaining quality lean muscle.

A vial of Gen-tropin Aqx. It has a rubber stopper which you can pierce with a syringe to draw up the HGH solution


5x150iu kits (total 750iu) $800

10x150iu Kits (total 1500iu) $1500

The prices for Gen-tropin Aqx are really rather good compared to compared to powdered HGH products which you have to mix yourself. If you decide to buy Gentropin Aqx you will have the convenience of not having to mix it yourself and the assurance its a quality HGH product.

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