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Buy Genotropin recombinant DNA Somatropin for injection from Pfizer

Genotropin from Pfizer is now worth considering as a viable option to mixing HGH powders yourself. The prices have come down drastically over the last few years as sourcing from cheaper countries has become common.


buy genotropin
The Genotropin Go-Quick pen from Pfizer (not to be confused with Gen-tropin AQx) . It has always been a great product but expensive to buy. Easy to use and purity second to none the price has actually started to come down a bit making it a more affordable option.


Genotropin 36iu HGH pens are the most popular

The powder and solvent are held in separate compartments in the pen until it is primed

You need to add needle tips

Genotropin pens come with nearly everything you need to inject. But one thing that isn’t included with the Genotropin Go-Quick HGH pen in the pack is needle tips.

The pen takes Becton and Dickinson needle tips and you will need a fresh needle tip for each injection. The needle tips simply screw on and are very easy to use. They come in different sizes such as 5mm or 8mm in length and are intended for subcutaneous injections.

5mm Needle tip shown

You can precisely dial in the amount of HGH you want to inject

The pens can be set up to precisely inject how much you want. The pens are slightly overfilled as there will be a small amount left in the pen after you use the full 36iu. Its very annoying when you buy Genotropin not be be able to get it all out but thats just the way they are made.

Genotropin is pure somatropin

Buy genotropin for a product identical to human growth hormone produced naturally in a normal healthy individual. Its used by body builders and as an anti-ageing agent. It is also used to burn off fat and increase muscle mass. It is pure HGH. Unlike steroids HGH has minimal side effects as it is produced by the body anyway. It increases muscle mass by increasing the number of muscle cells rather than just cell size as with steroid use.

It is made using recombinant DNA technology. Bacteria are genetically modified to produce the HGH which is then purified and freeze dried.

It needs to be kept cool especially once mixed

It should be kept cool

You should store Genotropin in the fridge

Once Genotropin has left the factory it typically has a 3 year shelf life if kept at the correct temperature. Once mixed however Genotropin needs to be used in about one month. So taking less than 1iu per day is not really advisable with the 36iu pens as it could spoil before it is used.


  • 5x36iu Genotropin Go-Quick pens (total 180iu) $900

  • 10x36iu Genotropin Go-Quick pens (total 360iu) $1550

We also sell 100 Becton and Dickinson needle tips at cost these are $17 per box of 100

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