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HGH can help with most but not all symptoms of MS

Multiple Sclerosis and HGH

Can human growth hormone be used to treat Multiple Sclerosis?

HGH can benefit Multiple Sclerosis sufferers in a number of ways

It has often been suggested that taking HGH supplements may of beneficial to those suffering from the terrible wasting disease Multiple Sclerosis. Firstly it has been demonstrated that HGH can help with remyelination which is adversely effected by MS which causes this process to become inefficient and unpredictable. In a study in Germany DR Stoppe observed that in a test group of 25 patients 21 of those showed increased remyelination as shown in MRI scans. Inflammation was also shown to be significantly reduced in this test group. Generally the patients said that they felt generally better on the whole than when not taking HGH supplements. This was not true of the group given the placebo which did not show any increase in remyelination or report an increase in overall wellbeing.

HGH does help rebuild atrophied muscles

according to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society HGH can also rebuild muscle as well as significantly improving cognitive function. Its also improved peoples tolerance to exercise which has been shown to be beneficial to MS sufferers. HGH was shown to particularly effective during remission periods and during physical exercise periods. It increased muscle mass in slow progression MS sufferers but significantly increased muscle build up in those suffering with the fast progression form of the disease, which was particularly encouraging.


HGH promotes IGF1 production which in turn builds muscle

Its known that HGH produces increased amounts of IGF1 in the system and this is whats primarily responsible for building quality lean muscle. Medical researchers now almost all conclusively agree that increased IGF1 levels cause muscle regrowth in MS sufferers. HGH also has the added benefit of increasing remyelination and so attacks the disease on two fronts. The evidence for this is that MS sufferers have correlating lower levels of IGF1 and HGH than is found in those not with the disease. When increasing HGH and therefore IGF1 levels to normal levels (or above) was when most improvement was observed. This was especially true in older subjects whose HGH levels would be lower anyway purely because of their age.

HGH can improve the immune system of HGH sufferers

While its known that MS is an auto immune disease which causes the body to attack its very own myelin  its reasonable to conclude that strengthening the immune system would also increase the onset of the disease. This has been proved now not to be the case and that a strong immune system is helpful on the whole.

HGH has been shown to be helpful in alleviating most (but not all) symptoms of MS

HGH can help with clumsiness and muscle weakness in MS

By strengthening and increasing the amount of muscle as well as encouraging the remyelination in MS sufferers clumsiness and weakness levels were shown to be improved after 20 days on 2iu HGH per day. The longer the patient took HGH the greater the improvement until a levelling off was seen at approximately 3 months after which no further improvemt in this area was noted.

Users also reported a reduction in the frequency of  Lhermitte’s syndrome. Although no improvement was seen with regards to sight problems caused by optic nerve damage.

In Conclusion

Several studies have now shown increased levels of HGH to help with with several aspects of multiple sclerosis. These include, increased muscle mass, steadier movements and less clumsiness, improved immune system, greater remyelination as well as increasing the duration of physical activity.


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