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steroids or HGH which is better

Steroids or HGH

Can  we compare steroids with HGH and which is the best option?


The pros and cons of steroids and HGH


Anabolic steroids have been around for a long time now, relatively speaking. And their properties and capabilities are well known and understood amongst body builders and gym rats alike. There are many types of steroid on the market today and nearly all of them are forms of modified testosterone. There are steroids for cutting, building mass and increasing strength. However many of these steroids have some kind of downside in that they will all produce side effects in one form or another, and in varying degrees of severity. But, they will produce good results quickly.

HGH, on the other hand is quite new in that its only been able to be synthesised in useful amounts really rather recently. However, HGH is a substance that the body will produce naturally itself and so has less side effects and the severity of those side effects is more reduced than those of steroids.


Steroids Vs HGH get informed and make the right choice for you

A brief introduction to anabolic steroids

Steroids or HGH which is best?

Anabolic steroids are just analogues of testosterone. This means chemists have altered slightly the actual testosterone molecule so it hangs around in the body for a length of time and so is more effective. Testosterone is normally cleared by the body on the first pass through the liver. This is why body builders do not inject pure testosterone. Slow release testosterone pellets can be implanted just under the skin to give a steady release of testosterone but this is not feasible for many athletes.

There are many different types of anabolic steroid and all have a characteristic property. If there is a particular something that you want to achieve in the gym the chances are you will find a steroid that will do it for you. There are injectable and oral steroids available. Injectable steroids produce less strain on the liver but are more convenient to use.


A brief introduction to HGH

HGH or human growth hormone is a protein made up of amino acids. Its medical name is Somatropin and its produced naturally in the human body. Interestingly the only way to get HGH until a few years ago was to harvest it from human cadavers. Nowadays we can make it in unlimited quantities in the lab. HGH will effect the body on may different levels. It will cause muscle growth and increase bone density. It can boost the immune system and remove fat. It promotes a positive cholesterol profile. It increases libido. It reduces wrinkles and improves skin tone. In fact its thought by some to be the fountain of youth. At higher doses its used to treat trauma and burns.


So what should you choose and which is the best?


Steroids are much cheaper than HGH. You could probably get yourself a good few months supply of steroids, with all the ancillaries to treat side effects for a few hundred dollars. HGH on the other hand is much more expensive. Depending on what brand you get it could be ten times the price of the equivalent steroid course.

With HGH there are savings to be made if you buy powders and reconstitute the powder yourself. But with branded HGH from the big pharmaceutical companies you are looking at serious money if you want to take it for prolonged periods.


HGH needs to be injected every day. The only good thing about this is that you van use micro needles or very fine insulin needles. Its quite a painless affair but its something to be aware of. Steroids on the other hand come in both the injectable and oral forms. Injectable steroids are oil based and so need a larger needle to manage this. Steroids injections are more painful but you will not need to do them every day.

Men and Women

Women can tolerate some steroids quite well such as winstrol and anavar. However some steroids like Testosterone Enanthate will produce strong masculinising effects. The are said to be androgenic. HGH on the other hand can be safely used by both sexes. This is because its produced naturally in both men and women and so its not considered androgenic for women.

Side effects

There are less side effects associated with HGH than there are with steroids. With steroids there are a host of ancillary products that need to be taken alongside the steroids to deal with the side effects. HGH can be taken without such precautions.  Though at very high doses HGH has been known to produce protruding bones in the face and hands. But body builders need not worry about this as they would never take HGH at these levels.

Impotence and balding

Not pleasant subjects but they should be mentioned. When men take steroids their natural testosterone production is “switched off”. This is because the body thinks that its producing too much testosterone because of the steroids. When you finish the steroid course you will have a couple of weeks where your body will not be producing any natural testosterone and will also no steroids in the blood stream. Its during this time a man will have virtually no sex drive and may be unable to get an erection. This is only a temporary effect and drugs such as arimidex can shorten this period.

Steroids cal also cause baldness in men but only if you are already prone to baldness. HGH will not cause baldness or impotence.

In Conclusion

So which is the best product. Well we appreciate that people will choose either steroids or HGH for their own personal reasons. However if price is no object HGH is clearly better. Not only does it build muscle and take off fat buy also had many added benefits. These include slowing the ageing process and improving a host of other health aspects such as the immune system etc. HGH will not have the side effects that steroids are linked with.




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