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Zomacton is a freeze-dried powder contains the active ingredient Somatropin (Human Growth Hormone). Its made by the British company Ferring and its most likely what you would receive if you are prescribed HGH on theNHS. You can also buy Zomacton HGH privately.

buy zomacton
Buy Zomacton or have prescribed on the NHS

Each Vial contains 4mg HGH or 12iu there are also 10mg 30iu vials available

There are 2 ways to inject Zomacton. You can either use a graduated syringe into which you can draw up the mixed HGH solution from the vial or with a Zomajet pen.

The ZomaJet VISION X needle-less pen comes with special  heads for the injectors. These injectors do not use needles but rather force the HGH through the skin in a powerful jet, hence the name Zomajet. These are the two options you would have if you buy Zomacton HGH.

What is Zomacton used for?

Zomacton is usually prescribed for children who are short for their age. This means they will be prescribed it as soon as a problem is identified as it will not make users any taller after the growth plates have fused usually at age 18.


It can be used for non-medical purposes

When we talk about non medical purposes we mean body building or anti-ageing. Its the same HGH that body builders take to build muscle and bone mass and lose fat.

Its also used by those looking to slow or halt the ageing process. Or at least remedy some of the symptoms of ageing. Buy Zomacton to thicken skin make hair and nails grow faster and increase the libido.

Zomaject Vision X pens will force HGH through the skin without using a needle


Its known to remove fat especially around  the stomach area

HGH is often used to remove fat. For some unknown reason its known to reduce fat around the stomach area. It works especially well in the middle aged. It is thought this is because you are increasing HGH levels to that seen in younger people who usually will have less fat. Buy taking Zomacton HGH you will remove stubborn fat.


zomacton 10mg
It also comes in 10mg vials. Pictured here is the 10mg Zomacton vial with the syringe for injection and also the injector heads for the Somaject pen


Zomacton is mostly used in the UK

Zomacton made by Ferring is an HGH product made and used in the UK. Its a pure somatropin product made by a government licensed laboratory. Its an excellent recombinant human growth hormone prescribed by the NHS but can be purchased privately.


  • 5kits of 100iu (total 500iu) $1200

  • 5kits of 40iu (total 200iu) $600

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