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5kits scammer reviews and warnings

Be sure to check the 5kits domain

The internet can be a great place to get most things that you need. But you also have to be careful as there are also a lot of scammers around and this also includes the steroids and HGH markets. This website is no exception. We are in no way affiliated with the website known as 5kits.io. If you come across this website do not order from it as its a scam website and you will lose your money.

5kits.io scam website will ask you to send western union payments to India or China, this is a big red light!

If you go onto the 5kits.io, 5kits.ng, 5kits.co scam website and make an order they will tell you that you can pay by western union or bitcoin. If you are asked to send western union payments to India or China DON’T DO IT, it will be the last time you will ever see your money again and you can kiss your HGH goodbye as well.

How the fuck can they say the guarantee delivery of HGH when they can’t be sure it will pass the customs point of the country its going to? Don’t be fooled, the only way a website can guarantee delivery is to ship domestically from the buyers country and this is what we at 5kits.net do.

Remember check the url you are ordering from is 5kits.net

The only way to stay safe from the 5kits.io scam website is to double check the url or web address of the website you are ordering from

5kits.net  (legit)

5kits.io, 5kits.ng, 5kits.co (scam)


Always check and check again. Our legit website is 5kits.net and NO other. If you are on any other website you are on the scam website and you will lose money if you ever make an order with them. The internet can be a great place to do business but also place for the unwary to lose money.


There are other scam websites

5kits.io and 5kits.ng and the Tor website  5kitscdt3vgzeen5.onion




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