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Genuine HGH for sale, branded pharmaceutical pens such as Genotropin and Humatrope. HGH powders Like Serostim, Ansomone and Kigtropin.

Genotropin Specialists

Welcome to 5kits  HGH. We are the leading online supplier of somatropin products. These include HGH human growth hormone, and other products which increase the bodies own production of HGH. We have a range of these products for sale. Buy HGH from us and be confident you are getting the genuine product. Do not risk injecting yourself with fake or contaminated HGH from other sites. We only sell genuine HGH. Pharmaceutical grad pens and also powders which you can mix yourself. All our products are sent in sealed packaging with serial/batch numbers and codes (varies with each product). If you are not happy with your purchase you can return any unopened boxes for a refund on those. So long as they have been stored at the correct temperature and they are returned within a reasonable time frame we are happy to do this.


HGH is most often used for bodybuilding and  anti-ageing

Genuine Humatrope with Injection device

All our HGH products are of the 191 amino acid variety which is identical to that produced in the human body. You can buy HGH kits from us an be sure you are getting the genuine article. At 5Kits we DO NOT stock or sell 192 amino acid HGH (somatrem) which has been know to cause immune reactions. We only have original HGH for sale. All of our products our recently manufactured and have long expiry dates. We keep all our stock stored properly within the correct temperature range. You can store any of our protein powders in the fridge for up to 2 years so long as the haven’t been mixed.

buy Genotropin
Long Expiry dates


We hold stock in more than one country


We use discrete cold packaging for HGH products


Unless you specifically opt out, all shipments come with delivery insurance. For well over a decade we have never left anyone without their order or a refund of the payment. We will protect our customer’s investment by any means necessary. All of our somatropin products are manufactured in either China or Hong Kong (pre-filled pens excluded) but we hold stock in a number of countries and are able to ship to the USA , Australia, Europe and the UK with no issues. Buy HGH kits and you can be sure of delivery. We never leave anybody empty handed.

All our items are sent tracked and have insurance added

Its for this reason we guarantee all our deliveries. We will not accept your order unless we can be certain of delivery. You will fined the web is awash with websites offering HGH for sale. Most of our customers are returning customers which shows the quality of our products.  We at 5kits have a long history of successfully supplying growth hormone to customers worldwide.  At 5kits all of our HGH fragments and  hormone products stand up to lab or serum testing. We offer a full refund if you are not happy with the products, just return them to us for a refund at 5kits we pride ourselves on great customer service.

We sell HGH kits and other hormones

We also sell other peptide hormones such as Insulin and Insulin like growth factor (IGF-1)


We not only offer protein hormones. We also supply conventional anabolic steroids to our body building customers worldwide. Buy HGH kits from us as  well as steroids. We also sell ancillaries such as post cycle therapy drugs (PCT) and the usual sexual dysfunction tablets but mostly 5kits is associated with human growth hormone. 5kits also sell protein hormones for endurance athletes not just body builders.


HGH for staying young

Of course HGH human growth hormone is now widely recognised as being able to rejuvenate the human body and delay the ageing process. This is something that 5Kits HGH has known for some time. 5kits are the original and best. We are one of the most trusted names on the internet offering genuine HGH for sale. We have a money back policy which means if you do not receive your order, for whatever reason, we will refund or re-send no quibble guaranteed.





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  1. am interested but dou you have smaller pacage to try on my first order

    • Sorry we only do 5 minimum this is how we keep prices low for everyone. We do take returns if you are not happy with the product though

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