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Anabol British Dispensary Thailand

Anabol British Dragon Thailand

Buy Anabol Tablets

Thai anabol comes in a sealed bag

Anabol actually contains the same active ingredient as Dianabol (Methandienone) but they are so popular we have decided to give them a page all of there own. The little pink pentagons (some people call them pink stars) each contain 5mg Methandienone and usually each tub of Anabol contains 1000x5mg tablets.  I know they contain exactly 1000 as we used to count them out by hand if people only wanted to buy anabol (500x5mg) in the end we gave up on that and just roughly divided them in half by eye. Some customers may have got slightly more or less than the 500 anabol tablets, it was just luck of the draw really.

Made by British Dragon British Dispensary?

Thai anabol on the right contains the same active ingredient as dianabol seen on the left

The popular little pink steroid tablets where originally made by British Dragon who then either went bust or changed their name to British Dispensary , I know not which. Anyway it doesn’t matter as it never affected the quality or availability of the product. It still contained the same 5mg methandienone in each tablet and you could still buy anabol if you wanted.

What do they contain, whats the active ingredient?

Just on a separate note here there is some confusion about what exactly is the active ingredient in the these little anabol pinks: Methandienone or Methandrostenolone? well they are actually the same ingredient, its just that some chemicals can have more than one name. From now on if you hear us talk about methandrostenolone or methandienone we are in fact talking about the same active substance. When you buy anabol you are basically buying the same active ingredient that comes in dianabol.

Buy anabol to pack on muscle in a relatively short time

Anabol are, in fact Dianabol just under a different brand name

Containing methandrostenolone the same as dianabol we can obviously expect the same muscle growth. Its usual to put on 7-10kg of muscle in a 6-8 week course of anabol. The anabol dosage is usually 30mg per day and upwards. You wouldn’t really want to take any less than this as you just replace the natural testosterone in your body with the methandrostenolone and so get no overall benefit. You really need to flood your body with the drug.

Side effects of Methandienone

These are nothing to write home about really. They tell you all the usual scare stories but as long as you are sensible with it there is nothing much to worry about. If you are particularly sensitive to gyno caused by oestrogen then I would suggest you take some tamoxifen, arimidex or proviron whilst taking the anabol. This will prevent the formation of oestrogen and so prevent man boobs.

Thai 5mg pinks 1000x5mgs tabs in a pack

Keep some PCT for the end of the cycle

One thing I would definitely recommend, is that, even if you are not taking tamoxifen or arimidex during your anabol cycle you should keep some for the end of your steroid cycle. Your testicles will stop producing natural testosterone during your steroid cycle and as soon as you stop taking the tablets there will be a lack of testosterone in the body. This can affect your libido and also make you lose some of the muscle you gained whilst on your steroid cycle. Taking tamoxifen will kick start your natural testosterone production again.

Anabol 5mg British Dispensary For Sale

Sometimes known as Thai anabol for sale

Anabol pinks come in packs of 1000x5mg

British Dispensary Logo

Anabol usually comes in a round white tub with a pink and black label and a British Dispensary Hologram. They come in lots of 1000x5mg pink pentagon shaped  tablets with the british dispensary logo stamped onto each pink tablet. They can be bought quite easily in Thailand at certain pharmacies and the prices can differ widely. Obviously we have anabol for sale here on this website for fixed prices. In Thailand its a Market and the pharmacist will try and get the highest price for them. So its worth shopping around.

Each Anabol tablet contains 5mg methandienone

Taking a PCT after anabol will help minimise losses


After you have finished your course of steroids you will need to take a PCT or post cycle therapy such as Arimidex or Nolvadex. Nolvadex is usually taken at the end of each course. This has two benefits. It will stop any oestrogen causing the side effects associated with steroids. And it will help your testes start producing testosterone again. When taking testosterone based steroids such as British Dispensary Anabol. Your body will assume that it has too much testosterone and so will shutdown natural production. It does this through a feedback mechanism. Nolvadex helps your testosterone levels get back up to normal levels again. Its because of low testosterone levels at the end of a cycle that most losses occur.

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