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Buy  Ansomone  HGH 5kits UK

UK Shipping available. 10 vials x 10 IU each. Total 100 IU (33 mg) of recombinant Human Growth Hormone (Somatropin). Proper 191 amino acid sequence. Brand name Ansomone. Origin country is China, item is shipped from the UK

Buy Genuine Ansomone

These are vials containing powder which must be mixed with water before injection. The powder lasts longer than the pre-mixed liquid and is less prone to damage. Its injected using a fine needle. We supply insulin syringes with each of these kits. These syringes are excellent for injecting HGH as they are designed for a similar product. They are very fine and quite painless to use.


5 kits 500iu ansomone $800

10 kits 1000iu ansomone $1400

Ansomone is full body identical somatropin. Made using the fermentation technique.

Below are indicators distinguishing real from fake ansomone


 The tops are important



Growth Hormone is used to fight disease

HGH can help revitalise the immune system. It promotes the formation of white blood cells. This can fight of f all forms of infection. Human growth hormone is often prescribed to people with HIV to prevent wastage. It does this by promoting muscle growth and improving the immune system. It increases blood flow by helping with the cardiovascular output. This gets anti-bodies and white blood cells to areas of the body where they are needed. Such as a site of infection or injury.

HGH promotes healing

Human growth hormone will accelerate the healing process. It does this by send signals to the damaged cells to divide and multiply quicker than they normally would.  Where people have suffered serious burn injuries a course of somatropin human growth hormone will often be used to speed healing. This can often mean the difference between life and death. It also promotes healing after a strenuous workout at the gym. It will heal torn muscle fibres and add new muscle quickly. This means you can do more training as you need less time to recuperate.


Increased metabolism means reduced body fat

An increase in the amount of HGH in the body can increase the efficiency of the metabolic pathways.  Because the metabolism isn’t as good as in our youth, this can cause fat deposits. Ansomone will pep up the metabolism and so burn calories like we did in our youth.  A loss of fat due to ansomone is beneficial not only to regular people but also to body builders.

Body builders want to remove the fat layer over the muscles and ansomone will do this. Body builders like to burn off the fat just under the skin to show off the muscle structure. In short ansomone will get you ripped.

Sleep like you did as a teenager

As we age we tend to sleep less well. The lack of HGH can cause this. This is why older people tend to sleep less than younger people. Because our body repairs and rejuvenates itself during sleep, this can be a problem for body builders. It can also be a problem for those wishing to remedy ageing. An increase in the amount of HGH in the body can improve the sleeping patter. This is another reason why people take ansomone.


Along with improved sleep comes an increased libido

The libido is also increased when taking human growth hormone.  Boost your sexual appetite and then relax into a deep post coital sleep with ansomone. Enjoy yourself and know you are doing  your body a favour.


We only have the 100iu kits in stock at the moment


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