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Tracking numbers

When buying HGH its important to get quality genuine HGH from a reliable maker. We hate to hear of people getting scammed thats why you should continue reading the below information. We show tracking numbers of HGH orders, lab results showing the authenticity of our products and other guarantees and …

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How much is HGH?

how much is HGH

The price of HGH Its a common question. Body builders used to the more traditional anabolic steroids will want to know why the price difference. Why does HGH cost typically about 3-6 times the amount that steroids do? The price of HGH is determined by supply and demand It wasn’t …

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5kits scammer reviews and warnings

Be sure to check the 5kits domain The internet can be a great place to get most things that you need. But you also have to be careful as there are also a lot of scammers around and this also includes the steroids and HGH markets. This website is no …

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Genotropin HGH reviews and info

Genotropin HGH Information at a glance Manufactured by: Pfizer Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd. In production since: 1995-up to present day Originating from: Several countries Cost: $5-$20 per IU HGH variant: 191 amino acid Purity: 5/5 Availability: 3/5 Value for money: 2/5 Genotropin is Pfizer’s HGH somatropin product. Its meant for children who don’t …

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How much muscle will I get from HGH

How Much Muscle can I gain using HGH? You will gain a substantial amount of muscle using HGH for the first time Its usually the first thing somebody asks when they consider using HGH to develop muscle. How much muscle will a course of human growth hormone enable me to …

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Where to buy genuine HGH without getting scammed

Where can I buy quality HGH without being scammed or buying bunk gear? There are four main sources when it comes to getting your hands on, or being able to buy HGH. From a pharmacy with a doctors prescription From a pharmacy without a doctors prescription (usually in a country …

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Anabol British Dispensary Thailand

Anabol British Dragon Thailand Buy Anabol Tablets Anabol actually contains the same active ingredient as Dianabol (Methandienone) but they are so popular we have decided to give them a page all of there own. The little pink pentagons (some people call them pink stars) each contain 5mg Methandienone and usually …

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Jintropin Gensci reviews and information

JINTROPIN HGH Information at a glance Manufactured by: GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Jinsai) In production since: 1997-up to present day Originating from: China Cost: $2-$5 per IU HGH variant: 191 amino acid Purity: 5/5 Availability: 4/5 Value for money: 5/5 Jintropin is still one of the most popular HGH brands today Jintropin …

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Women and HGH

What are the issues concerning women and human growth hormone Women and men take human growth hormone for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons maybe be purely medical such as HGH prescribed by a physician. And some of the reasons may be non-medical, for instance for muscle gain …

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HGH speeds recovery post surgery

HGH can help post surgery or after serious injury HGH boosts the healing processes of the body making recovery after serious injury or an operation quicker Its been established now for some time that human growth hormone will quicken the healing process by increasing the rate at which new tissue …

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