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Biotropin is a relatively new HGH product hailing from Hong Kong. Its a start up from 2010 and its stocked by quite a few steroid and HGH sites. So is been around long enough now for people to know the quality and reliability of the product which is very good. Serum tests have been reported by many users to be excellent and so we have no qualms in recommending anyone to buy Biotropin on this site.


The Bigger pharmaceutical companies no longer have the market to themselves

The more well known pharmaceutical companies have had things all their own way over the last few years but now with products such as Biotropin things are changing. They are producing HGH equal to that of the major companies such as Lilly and Pfizer. Biotropin is one of the new breeds of HGH that is causing the revolution. The great thing about Biotropin is that its relatively easy to buy unlike Norditropin, Saizen etc.


How good is Biotropin?

Biotropin is an excellent product, its pure 191 amino acid somatropin identical to that produced naturally in the human body. For those that are familiar with, or have mixed HGH before you will be able to tell immediately that its the real product just by the familiar way it dissolves in the bacteriostatic water.

How should I use Biotropin?

We recommend that you inject the water into the HGH vial and slowly gently rotate it until all the HGH powder is dissolved. As with all HGH powders you should never shake it because it can damage the fragile medicine. Also never freeze the powder. After you have mixed the powder and water you can either draw out the desired amount for injection each day. Or, some people draw out all the liquid into the syringe and just inject daily straight from the syringe. We do not really recommend this method as you would be using the same needle tip over and over again which is not hygenic with Biotropin or any other HGH powder.

How do I know my Biotropin is original

You can authenticate your product on the Lifetech website https://lifetech-labs.com/life/authenticate/index.php  For those of you with good eyesight you should be able to verify the product below as you can just about see the secure number through the scratch panel on the photo below


5x120iu Kits $700


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So Whats Biotropin good for?

Well if you are looking at this website you probably know what HGH does but here it is again:

  1. Increases muscle mass
  2. Decreases fat
  3. Improves good to bad cholesterol ratio
  4. Improves Libido
  5. Gets rid of wrinkles and improves skin
  6. Improves sleep
  7. Strengthens bones and tendons
  8. Aids recovery after injury
  9. Improves metabolism giving more energy
  10. Minimal side effects when compared to steroids
Biotropin 4mg 12iu vial with water

As with all HGH powders this product needs to be mixed with water before injection. We provide ample water with each order.


When you remove the black stopper the aluminium seal is broken so you know its not been tampered with



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