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HGH can reverse oral bone loss

Cure periodontal gum and oral bone loss with HGH

Periodontitis is now treatable with human growth hormone

Periodontitis is probably more commonly known as gum disease. Really it should be called gum and bone disease because if left untreated it can not only destroy gum material but also bone mass into which the teeth are embedded.


Until now it has been impossible to restore lost bone mass

Usually by the time it has been detected there is some bone loss caused by periodontitis. Its caused by toxins released by periodontal bacteria which enter the space between the gum and the teeth. If you treat it upon direction by your dental hygienist you will be able to preserve the bone which is remaining. The only way to replace lost bone though was by taking it from another part of your body and grafting it. This can be quite a serious operation.

It was thought that it was impossible to regenerate the lost bone until HGH users who suffered periodontitis  reported that new bone growth had been detected after a trip to the dentists.


HGH has been causing regrowth of lost jaw bone mass

While it has been known since the 70,s that HGH will increase bone growth it was only when dental studies a few years indicated it could regrow lost bone mass that it was realised it could be used to treat periodontitis. In fact it has been known for some time that massive doses of HGH can elongate facial and jaw bone it was only realised that a smaller dose could be used to cure bone loss.


Gum is also reformed

Apart from losing teeth through bone loss another unsightly consequence of periodontitis is gum loss. This is where the expression “long in the tooth” comes from and it also was thought of as an inevitable part of getting older. Its actually caused by gum disease. But if you do have lost gum you can regrow it by using human growth hormone.


hgh oral bone loss cure
HGH can regrow bone and gum lost through periodontisis

HGH can now be made synthetically so its available like it never was just 20 years ago

Thirty years ago the only place you could get HGH was from cadavers. This obviously made it very expensive and prone to contamination from other diseases. Now that its available in potentially unlimited amounts from the lab the price has come down so that regular people can afford it.

It only takes 2iu per day to use HGH for treatment of oral bone loss. The cost of this treatment could be as little as $3 per day if you buy powdered HGH and reconstitute it yourself.


Of course you will still need good oral hygiene

While a good oral care schedule is still needed to prevent the return of the disease causing bacteria, at least if you do suffer some bone or gum loss at least you will be able to do something about it unlike before.

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