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Buy Generic HGH for value and quality?

People most often buy generic HGH because its usually a bit cheaper than the branded product. It can be good value and good quality but there are also some generic HGH products out there which are basically junk. Most (probably all) generic HGH is made in China.

Our generic HGH is tried and tested

Why is some Generic HGH great quality whilst some is tainted junk?

To answer this question we must ask why is generic HGH produced in the first place. There are two reasons:

  • Its good quality HGH  made by established fully equipped labs evading Chinese regulation.
  • Its poor quality HGH made by poor quality labs hoping to make a fast buck

In 2007 the Chinese government began a crackdown on a lot of the HGH labs, including the lab that made Jintropin. To get around these controls a lot of the labs sold their products as unbranded generic HGH. So as you can see if you were to buy generic HGH at that time from the lab that made Jintropin then you where getting an excellent product for a good price. Nowadays Jintropin is back in full production under its real name.

Secondly, its poor quality HGH made by poorly equipped labs operating under unsterile conditions. Although it takes a lot of money to set up a proper HGH production facility some people try to do it on the cheap. As you would expect the result is slow grade contaminated junk.

Some branded HGH products are in fact generic HGH

This is without doubt true, especially for some of the cheaper branded products such as Riptropin and Getropin. Both of these products are made by unknown Chinese labs so in effect it is generic HGH. Although it seems to be quite well made HGH and so both of them have gained a following. In truth they are products which are quite good for the price.

Generic HGH by convention usually comes with blue tops

Should I buy generic HGH?

Yes, if you want to take a chance you can buy it and have it tested. If you are going to be buying bulk amounts of generic HGH it makes sense to get the best priced product out there. If you buy generic HGH thats been made by a good lab then you are onto a winner. Our generic HGH is fully tested and we stand fully by our products or we offer a full money back refund.



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