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Genotropin Specialists

Genotropin pens are a very popular and very easy way to administer HGH. The genotropin pen was, as most of the pens are, meant for children with growth problems. The major use now though for the genotropin pen is by bodybuilders and those looking to slow or reverse the ageing process.  The 12mg pen contains 36iu of somatropin human growth hormone which is mixed inside the pen. The pen can then be kept inside the fridge. The genotropin pen has a digital display on the side which means the correct dosage can be dialled in. The pen has a protective front cap and a needle cap.

Genotropin GoQuick HGH Pen

Genotropin Price

Genotropin Go-quick is one of our best sellers

The price of Genotropin is always above that of the freeze dried powders from China as its made by Pfizer. Its as simple as that. And while this a premier product this can hardly justify the price the company charges for it. We at 5kits recommend you use the powders as they are much cheaper.However the Genotropin goquick does offer convenience and ease of use. The price of the goquick pens from Pfizer has come down quite a lot recently.

5x36iu Genotropin go quick pens  (total 180iu) $900

A bit about Genotropin Go-Quick pens

The pens come in 12mg (36iu) and 5.3mg (16iu) pens. The 36iu pen is by far the most popular. For a long time it was only available on prescription or at a very high price. Nowadays however its possible to get the pens much more cheaply. This is because Pfizer price them according to how much each country will pay (yes despicable I know). So subsequently you can get them at a range pf prices. The only difference is that the printing on the packaging and instruction leaflets may be in a different language. You can easily find usage instructions on the internet anyway.


How to use the needle

To use the pen you will need to attach a Becton Dickinson needle tip. These come in varying sizes but are always quite small. The one pictured in the images below is 5mm long.







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