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Gen-Tropin AQx®

Bio-Gen pharma produce Gen-Tropin AQx

A pre-mixed HGH pen with the liquid hormone ready for injecting

Gen-Tropin AQx® is different from other growth hormone injection devices. Its different because it comes with a HGH cartridge that has the water and powdered hormone already mixed. Most other pens on the market require the mixing of the powder and water in the cartridge. The cartridge can then be loaded into the gen-tropin aqx pen ready for injection.

The pen contains pure HGH

Each cartridge of Gen-tropin-AQx contains 10mg or 30iu of human growth hormone. Human growth hormone can also be known as HGH or somatropin.

The product is the same hormone that is made naturally in the human body so there is no danger of an immune reaction.

Gen-Tropin-AQx-pen has the liquid ready for injection

What can Gen-tropin AQx be used for?

Somatropin is often used to treat growth problems in children. However there is a huge market for what we call non-medical use of the pen. Non medical use of HGH is usually concerned with bodybuilders trying to increase muscle and bone mass. Also people tend to use this hormone to remedy the consequences of natural ageing. There is good evidence that Gen-tropin-AQx will reduce wrinkles and thicken skin. It can increase bone and muscle mass as well as reducing the fat deposits we get as we age.

The cartridges do not need mixing

Unlike other HGH pens such as Genotropin or Norditropin the cartridges for Gen-tropin AQx come as a liquid. Most other cartridges contain separate compartments for the powder and water which must be mixed together before use.

5x30iu Gen-tropin AQx $650

10x30iu Gen-tropin AQx $1200

If you are looking for ease of use this could be one of the best products available.

Are there any downsides to Gen-tropin AQx?

Gen-tropin AQx cartridges come pre-mixed

Well yes, because this medicine comes in a pre-mixed form it means that it doesn’t last as long in storage. Powders can last much longer than liquids, they are also more robust in transit so the medicine is less likely to be degraded by rough handling or heat. Once used the cartridge must be kept no longer than 30 days.

The cartridges do not need the pen to be injected.

Certified Gen-tropin AQx cartridge

The cartridges do not need the pen to be injected

The cartridges are also designed so that you can use a conventional syringe for injecting. It has a rubber membrane at the top which is amenable to puncture by a syringe. It is quite safe and indeed designed to be used this way so there is no worries about bacterial contamination. The only proviso is that after the cartridge has been opened it must be kept in the fridge and used within 30 days.


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