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Getropin 10 vials x 10 IU each. Total 100 IU (33 mg) of recombinant Human Growth Hormone  Getropin HGH(Somatropin). Proper 191 amino acid sequence. Brand name Getropin. Origin country is China.

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Getropin Human growth Hormone

Buy Getropin HGH for a full 191 amino acid human growth hormone product. It is manufactured to the highest standards and has very low traces of bacterial reside that most HGH products have left over from the manufacturing process. Getropin HGH benefits from and enhanced downstream processing technique which removes nearly all traces of the bacterial remnants. Someone who wishes to buy getropin HGH need not be concerned about any immune reactions due to cellular debris which has not been removed properly. Buy getropin HGH if you re extremely sensitive to immune reactions.



5 kits Getropin HGH 500iu $700

10 Kits Getropin HGH 1000iu $1200

Getropin HGH 191 somatropin

Getropin is brought to you by the makers of  the original Jintropin which was much sought after in the early days of black market HGH, this was before counterfeiters and fakers ruined the good name of the Jintropin brand. The makers of this iconic products use the same manufacturing techniques and quite a bit of the original fermentation plant equipment to bring you this high quality product. Getropin has all the usual benefits of HGH, both in body building terms and also anti-ageing and rejuvenation. It will pack on muscle as well as smoothing skin, quickening hair growth reducing wrinkles etc. Its the real product both in terms of authenticity and quality. Its probable that you wont find a better HGH somatropin product that is better value than getropin.

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Getropin 25th May 2017

Getropin is supplied by the most trusted name in online HGH supplies (Zhao 5kits) and so you can trust our product is 100% genuine and need not have any fears about injecting low quality or dangerous products into your body.

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