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Glotropin is often overlooked but it shouldn’t be

When somebody decides to buy HGH for the first time you can bet that Glotropin wont be on the top of their list. This is usually because there are more recognisable brands on the market. But think again and buy Glotropin because its relatively cheap compared to other HGH brands and very clean. Glotropin is in fact an excellent product as the below serum tests show.

Serum tests showing glotropin results

Glotropin is made by Global Anabolic/Global Biotech

Glotropin is so called because it has the prefix (Glo) which comes from the company who makes it. The makers seem to have changed their name at some point but the product has remained the same good quality.

Glotropin comes in Kits of 80iu

Buy Glotropin because its full 191 amino acid Somatropin

Glotropin is proper HGH and is full 191 amino acid somatropin. It comes in boxes of 10x8iu and smaller boxes of 10x4iu. It can often be found in some of the pharmacies in Thailand where it can be bought over the counter without prescription. Or obviously you can buy Glotropin from us and have it delivered to your home. It comes with the sterilised bacteriostatic water ready for mixing with the freeze dried powder.


Glotropin HGH has all the same desirable properties that other HGH brands have, ie muscle mass, younger appearance and generally a feeling of well being. Theres no point in going over them all again, if you are looking for HGH you will know what they are.

The vials are mixed by injecting the bacteriostatic water into the vial containing the powder and gently rolling it until the powder dissolves in the water. Never shake the vial and water/powder solution or the medicine will become damaged. Glotropin is a very unstable molecule as all HGH is.

Glotropin has been around since 2005 so it must be doing something right. If you check out the review forums you will see that it always get a good write up. The boxes are OK outside of the fridge for a week or two depending on the temperature but is really best kept inside the fridge. Once mixed it should be kept in the fridge all the time or it can degrade. As with all HGH it should never be frozen or it can damage the product and make it inactive.

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