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HGH speeds recovery post surgery

HGH can help post surgery or after serious injury

HGH boosts the healing processes of the body making recovery after serious injury or an operation quicker

Its been established now for some time that human growth hormone will quicken the healing process by increasing the rate at which new tissue is formed. Burns victims have been treated in this way for some time. This is because its crucial to get new growth of skin as quickly as possible in these cases. Now HGH is also being used to speed up recovery of sports injuries.


HGH can help post surgery or after serious injury
HGH can help post surgery or after serious injury

HGH will speed up healing of cartilage, ligaments and tendons

Its often the ligaments which connect bone to bone, or the tendons which connect bone to muscle, which are torn during any sports injury. HGH can help because it speeds up the time it takes for this connective tissue to regenerate. Obviously the time it takes these types of injuries to heal is crucial to sports people as well as non sports type people. This is because the limb must be kept immobilised for the tissue to regenerate. Anything which can speed up this regeneration is therefore highly desirable. HGH will also increase the regeneration of cartilage. This is desirable in those wishing to look younger as it plumps out the features, but its also very useful in cartilage injuries.

HGH speeds up healing by increasing IGF-1

IGF-1 is produced in the liver in response to the presence of HGH. Its this IGF-1 which increases cartilage and bone regeneration than would normally be seen. Successful examples of injuries treated by HGH therapy include Joe Root. Joe Root was 50 years old when he smashed his hip and broke his femur in a motocross race in 2000. His doctor told him he would be over 9 months in recuperation. Just 8 weeks after the accident he was back racing thanks to HGH treatment. HGH-accelerated injury recovery has also been used for other sports stars notably former rugby player Grant Hyde.

Grant Hyde tried HGH in Thailand. “It worked for me when nothing else would” he says

IGF-1 Therefore HGH powers the formation of new cartilage, bone and connective tissue essential in healing sports injuries

HGH has been shown time and time again to dramatically shorten recovery times after injury or surgery. It aids the formation of cartilage, bone, ligament and tendon tissue.

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