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how much is HGH

How much is HGH?

The price of HGH

Its a common question. Body builders used to the more traditional anabolic steroids will want to know why the price difference. Why does HGH cost typically about 3-6 times the amount that steroids do?

The price of HGH is determined by supply and demand

It wasn’t so long ago that the big western pharmaceutical companies lobbied the US government to get cheaper imports of Chinese HGH banned. They cited health and safety or some other bullshit but it was just really so they could have the market to themselves. After this of course HGH prices went up in the west.

The internet strikes back!

The power of the internet has helped prices come down since then with people just ordering online even if they had a prescription or not, 90% of the time these items would come through customs unscathed anyway. Especially good was that some of the more expensive HGH pens could now be ordered online from countries such as Turkey where it was much cheaper. This is true for Pfizer and Lilly HGH pens especially.

The price of HGH today

Pharmaceutical quality powders

Best Value (good quality)

cost hghBiotropin 120iu anywhere from $240$350  ($2-3 per iu)


Hypertropin 120iu anywhere from $240$350  ($2-3 per iu)


Ansomone 100iu anywhere from $240$350  ($2.4-3.5 per iu)


Cost of HGH pens

The cost of HGH differs significantly on the source country, for instance 12mg (36iu) Pfizer Geontropin pens cost $850 in the USA but only $250 in Turkey (same product just different packaging). The same also can be said of the Omnitrope, much cheaper but just with Russian packaging.

Pfizer Genotropin 36iu $250-850 per pen ($7-24 per iu)


hgh pen priceLilly Humatrope 36iu $250-850 per pen ($7-24 per iu)


Omnitrope 30iu pen $100-600 per pen ($3-20 per iu)


how much is HGHNorditropin Nordilet 30iu pen $100-600 per pen ($3-20 per iu)



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