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How much muscle will I get from HGH

How Much Muscle can I gain using HGH?

You will gain a substantial amount of muscle using HGH for the first time

Its usually the first thing somebody asks when they consider using HGH to develop muscle. How much muscle will a course of human growth hormone enable me to put on. And as always with these things, the answer is not as simple as it sounds. But as a rule of thumb, a first time user could put on muscle using HGH of anything up to 30% during a human growth hormone course if all the optimum conditions are met.

When I say optimum conditions for HGH muscle I mean good food, training and plenty of quality sleep. A typical course last approx 4 months with progress becoming noticeable after the first month. It generally takes longer to gain muscle than it does using steroids. Human growth hormone will produce extra muscle cells whereas steroids only increase the size of each muscle cell. So with HGH although it takes longer to accumulate muscle mass, the muscle gained is better quality muscle that will last longer.

Muscle gain by HGH has many variables

There are several different elements that contribute to the amount of muscle gain the human growth hormone can give you. All of these factors play a role: Age, intensity of exercise, genetics, quality of food, amount and quality of sleep and previous use of steroids and or HGH. Generally an average person who goes to the gym regularly, gets at least 8 hours sleep each night has a diet with plenty of protein can expect 20-30% of lean muscle gain at the end of the 4-5 month HGH course.

With the usual 4iu per day someone can expect to add this muscle above what they already have. If this is your first HGH cycle you will get the best muscle gains from this one. The initial course of human growth hormone will be the best you will ever experience. Courses after the first one will not produce as much muscle as the first. This actually makes sense, otherwise you would keep growing to the size of a house.

The first HGH course will be the one where you gain the most muscle.

There are several reasons for this. The body is shocked by the first flush of HGH into the system and before it realises what happening and is able to control it, and the IGF-1 produced, the muscles have already gained significant mass.

After the first course of HGH you have pushed out the envelope quite far and it will be much harder to go past your muscle ceiling after this. The human body is a very efficient machine and will hold only as much muscle as it will need. Whats the point of fuelling all those muscles if you don’t need them? Muscle gained from HGH will only level out at the persons physical requirements. Such as how much muscle do you need for your daily workouts.

There is a ceiling which you will reach after which further growth through HGH is not possible and this varies from person to person. After reaching your growth apex on your first course subsequent HGH courses will not have the same affect.

Muscle gain for first time HGH users

Its a great feeling when you see your muscle growth going off the charts! It gives you more encouragement to train harder and better. If its your first time using HGH to gain muscle you are in for a treat. No other HGH course will produce as much muscle as your first one so enjoy it while it lasts. Gain muscle mass HGH. Muscle gain HGH will be significant for first time users.

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