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Kigtropin consists of the genuine 191 amino acid Somatropin but it may not be as clean as other HGH products such as Hypertropin. Its less clean because the down stream processing of this Kigtropin  is not as rigorous as with other similar growth hormones. Some bacterial residue may remain in the compound. The residue or cell remnants present should not do any harm but there is a slight possibility of an immune reaction.

Kigtropin 10 vials x 10 IU each. Total 100 IU (33 mg) of recombinant Human Growth Hormone (Somatropin). Proper 191 amino acid sequence. Brand name Kigtropin. Origin country is China.


5 Kits Kigtropin 500iu 165mg $600

10 kits Kigtropin 1000iu 330mg $1000

Kigtropin coming from the factory

Kigtropin is a firm favourite in the UK were we sell a lot of this product. It has been copied by the counterfeiters but these are usually easily spotted. It comes in kits of 100iu and this will also contain the bacteriostatic water for mixing with the freeze dried powder. This product is the full amino acid product with no contamination from the inferior 192 amino acid sequence HGH which can cause rejection problems since it is not bioidentical to the somatropin produced by the human body.

Kigtropin burns fat

Kigtropin is known to increase energy levels and endurance capabilities in adults. It allows the body to tap into reserves of energy (fat) that would otherwise be left to accumulate. It helps with tissue regeneration after heavy exercise or injury. It makes this happen by increasing the lung and heart capacities which in turn bring greater amounts of oxygenated blood to the muscles. The oxygen in the blood brings about the utilization of the fat reserves. We would rank this product higher if it were not for the remnants of the bacterial residue used when making this HGH product. Its harmless but they don’t need to be there.

Kigtropin Side effects

Kigtropin is just a particular brand of HGH or Somatropin so the side effects of Kigtropin are the same as the side effects for all HGH products. The side effects of Kigtropin HGH are less severe than those of steroids and this is why kigtropin HGH is generally more popular than taking steroids.

Kigtropin and Prader-Willi syndrome

If you suffer from Prader-Willi syndrome you must be extra careful when taking Kigtropin. In particular you must be on the look out for shortness of breath or any difficulty breathing. In any of these circumstances you must stop taking kigtropin hgH and consult a doctor.

Severe side effects from Kigtropin

Very rarely severe side effects can occur when taking kigtropin. You must stop taking it and seek medical attention if you have any of these:

  • Extreme discomfort in your upper stomach radiating around to your back, vomiting, sickness or nausea, faster than normal heart rate;
  • Constant  thirst, needing to urinate more often, always hungry, lack of saliva in mouth, ketone breath odour, sleepiness,  dry flaky skin, eyesight problems, and weight loss;
  • Immediate and stabbing pains at the backs of your eyes, eyesight changes;
  • numbness and swelling in your head, hands, face, and  feet; or
  • numbness or pins and needles in your wrists, hands, or fingers.

 Less serious kigtropin side effects

These side effects are not really serious and anybody taking kigtropin for any length of time will probably encounter one or more of them

  • Tiredness and a sore head
  • sensitivity, tenderness, bruising, rash, itching, pain, at the kigtropin injection site;
  • pain in your extremeties,  sore joints and discomfort;
  • pain in your muscles (growing pains)
  • Kigtropin side effects can also mimic a cold, runny nose, sneezing coughing etc.

Injecting Kigtropin

When injecting kigtropin its important to rotate the injection site. Although its quite easy to take a pinch of stomach fat, its important not to use exactly the same place very time. You may also inject into muscle. There is no evidence tha injecting into a certain muscle will make that particular muscle bigger.

Never inject into an area that is red, sore or infected.

Kigtropin HGH gut

When taking kigtropin or any HGH to extreme one of the unwanted side effects can be HGH gut. This is where the internal organs become slightly larger but also the stomach muscles. This can actually look like a beer belly and its not an attractive look. By monitoring your HGH usage this side effect can be avoided. Its only those who use high doses for extended periods who get this anyway. Its something that the average user or Kigtropin first timer need not worry about.

Kigtropin ready to ship

Kigtropin Dosage

The usual HGH dosage for bodybuilders is 4iu per day for 3-4 months at a time. If you can, its best to split the dosage and do one in the morning and one just before bedtime.



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