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Norditropin Flexpro HGH pens are a popular alternative to buying HGH powders and mixing them yourself. The Norditropin pens offer a great way to inject accurately and precisely. They contain the HGH already pre-mixed with sterile distilled water ready for injection. Most people buy these HGH pens for their ease of use. The pens are often used for children who do not produce enough natural somatropin and who need some help in gaining some height before their teenage years end. This really is the major customer base for the HGH pens until body builders and those looking to stop ageing realised just how good the product was.

5x45iu Norditropin HGH pens (225iu) $960

5x90iu Norditropin HGH pens (450iu) $1660

Increase Childrens Height with Norditropin

The pens were originally meant for people who are deficient in human growth hormone as children or adults. But most usually children who are not growing or who are short for their age due to a lack of growth hormone. HGH can increase the height of a child if taken before they reach adulthood.

Human Growth Hormone can:

  • Rectify children with growth failure caused by growth hormone deficiency.
  • Treat children with short physique shown to be caused by Noonan Syndrome or Turner Syndrome
  • Assist children of short stature who were born small for their gestational age and did not reach growth markers  by age 2-4
  • Restore growth hormone in adults whose bodies are not producing enough HGH

Buy Norditropin pens: The pros and cons

Although they offer great convenience there are also a number of downsides to the Norditropin HGH pen. Because they HGH is already pre-mixed it is not as stable as the powdered form. The HGH molecule is very large and unstable and it must be handled carefully. When it is mixed it is not as stable and so shaking or agitation can render the drug useless.

Norditropin Price

Norditropin pens are make by Novo Nordisk who are a major player in the HGH market and offer a premier product. As such they are demanding premier prices. They charge way above what you would pay if you bought the HGH powders and mixed and injected them yourself. And so you must pay the price they ask. There is often the issue of prescriptions too. Because Novo Nordisk is a Western company they are bound by the tight rules concerning selling their products and will often not sell unless a prescription is provided. Or you are a health company with a licence to buy such products.

Norditropin HGH Fakes and counterfeit products

A great product if you can afford them

Because Norditropin are an expensive item it will inevitably draw in the fakers. You must be sure that you buy these popular little HGH pens from a reputable source to make sure you are getting the correct product. Fortunately its possible to check the serial numbers against a list of genuine products. Never the less Norditropin Fakes are something you must be aware of.

Taking into account all of the above Norditropin pens are an excellent product. If you can afford the prices and can buy Norditropin in the knowledge they are the genuine article then they could be for you. Because the pens are  mixed it must be stored in the fridge and used by the correct date or it can go bad.

5 kits

5x45iu Norditropin HGH pens (225iu) $960



Norditropin 90iu HGH Pen

5 Kits

5x90iu Norditropin HGH pens (450iu) $1660  (Nordiflex or Flexpro)



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