5x72iu Humatrope Pens  (total 360iu) $1280

$1,600.00 $1,280.00

We include one injection device per order. Each box contains its own mixing device

5x72iu Humatrope Pens  (total 360iu) $1280 Was ($1600)

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Buy Humatrope HGH


5x72iu Humatrope Pens  (total 360iu) $1280

The pens offer greater convenience especially for children. Please see below if you think you may want to buy humatrope for body building or anti-ageing. Although originally made for children it is human growth hormone which can be used by anybody.

If you are interested in quality over quantity then perhaps you should buy Humatrope. The pen is made by Eli Lilly and  comes in various sizes. We sell the complete pen and cartridge so you have everything you need to start using it straight away.

Humatrope vials contain pure 191 amino acid somatropin. They come in sizes 5mg for use with a needle. Or the pens come in sizes of 6mg, 12mg and 24mg cartridges.


What is humatrope for?



Really people should only buy humatrope for medical purposes such as low growth in children. A significant percentage of babies are born smaller than is the norm. They are “small for their gestational age.” While most of the children born this way soon catch up, a small proportion do not. However if they have not caught up by years 2-4 human growth hormone can help remedy this.

But, as is usual, a lot of people buy humatrope for non-medical purposes such as body building and staying young. Buying the pens and cartridges means you don’t have to mix it yourself so its great for the first timer.

Body builders buy Humatrope


This is the same growth hormone that body builders and rejuvenation customers use for their own purposes. Its the same product but in children it has the effect of making them grow taller. Whilst in adults its used for body building and anti ageing. The pens are more convenient for children to use. However body builders tend to go for the vials as they are slightly cheaper. HGH pens such as these and others are significantly easier to use and have the added bonus of being made by a western manufacturer such as Lilly. So if cost is not an issue body builders and those wanting HGH for other reasons tend to go for the pens. All our  pens are made by the manufacturer Lilly and are guaranteed to be the genuine product.





The pens and vials are packed and shipped using cold packaging to keep the the correct temperature in transit. Because HGH by nature is an unstable compound the humatrope pen should be placed in the fridge as soon as possible. It doesnt matter too much if you need to take the pen out with you on a hot day just as long as you place it back in cold storage as soon as you get home.


Unlike other suppliers we also include the pen





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