Hypertropin 5 boxes (5kits) 600iu or 200mg $800


Hypertropin HGH 5 kits of 120iu (total 600iu) $800

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Hypertropin HGH

Hypertropin is the  most potent 191 amino acid sequence human growth hormone (somatropin). There are 10 vials in each box. Each vial contains 12IU (4mg of somatropin). The price is per box 120iu or 40mg


Hypertropin 10x12iu kits


Hypertropin is considered to be the gold standard in recombinant HGH products. Its is virtually as pure as its possible to obtain using the latest production processes.  For those in the know hypertropin is the HGH of choice. Hypertropin is the full 191 amino acid somatropin product ready for mixing and injecting. Genuine hypertropin HGH is one of the most sought after growth hormone products. Buy direct from the source as we at 5kitshgh.bz are responsible for its manufacture.


5 boxes (5kits) 600iu or 200mg $800

10 boxes 1200iu or 400mg   $1400

Hypertropin must be mixed

This growth hormone product is manufactured in China under licence from the Chinese authorities and so must conform to the latest international ISO safety standards. Its comes as a freeze dried powder which has it distinct advantages. It is not easily damaged in transit due to rough handling or temperature changes. As a freeze dried powder it is not susceptible to contamination the same way pre-mixed liquid HGH is.

Hypertropin is made in China but shipped from different locations


Hypertropin is made in China in the region of Chagchung but we ship from several different locations worldwide. We hold stock in Hong Kong, Europe, the USA and we have hypertropin stocks in Australia.


Hypertropin is similar to the original Jintropin.


Hypertropin is made using the same production methods as the original  Jintropin was made a few years back before the plant ran into legal difficulties with products being banned from western markets. Its the most potent and the safest of the HGH powders available today. Those who have tried it always come back and will also recommend it to friends.


Hypertropin Price


This most potent of HGH products has all the positives associated with non medical use of human growth hormone. These include increased muscle mass for body builders, smoothing of wrinkles, increased sex drive for those wishing to improve their quality of life. Hypertropin price is always a bit more than your average HGH powder. Its known to be a premier product. This is because it is a very clean product and has been processed efficiently to remove and bacterial reside left over from the production of this potent HGH. The price of Hypertropin reflects its quality. Its sometimes possible to buy hypertropin wholesale and get a discount. Here at 5 kits we usually sell in bundles of 5 or 10. obviously the more you buy, the better he hypertropin wholesale price.


Hypertropin HGH for Sale


Obviously we have hypertropin HGH for sale on this website. We are in association with the makers of hypertropin who also used to manufacture the original Jintropin (the good jintropin before fakers ruined its name) They are the people from Gensci Bioscience who have in depth experience of the fermentation techniques used to create quality HGH. The Hypertropin reveiws form users are always good and this product, at the moment, has the greatest number of return customers.


Hypertropin v Jintropin

There seems to be a great deal of confusion regarding the question of which is the best. Hypertropin or Jintropin. The answer to this question involves a bit of history regarding  the production of HGH for non medical use. Jintropin was the original and best HGH widely available on the internet, many people bought it and loved it. In 2007 it became nearly impossible to get hold of as it lost its licence to produce HGH which was revoked by the Chinese authorities. After it was banned some counterfeiters ruined the good name of Jintropin with low quality fakes.

The people who made Jintropin took the know how, the machinery and most of the staff to a new location and set up production of  human growth hormone  calling it Hypertropin. So really Hypetropin is identical to the original Jintropin of yesteryear. High quality Jintropin is also now being produced in Russia.

So the answer to the question Hypertropin v Jintropin, which is best? They are equal as they are virtually  the same product. Its just that genuine Jintropin is harder to get hold of at the moment than hypertropin.


Hypertropin Results

The results from hypertropin are the same as those from any high quality HGH. Typical body building courses last between 2-4 months at an average dose of 4iu per day. For those wanting a return to their youth and to halt the ravages of time. Its a typical course of 2iu per day for about 6 months, so its a longer course than for body builders but with a lower dosage. Hypertropin results are often seen later in the course as compare those using just IGF .

Hypertropin Side effects



Hypertropin can cause a little water retention but many people consider this a bonus as it can iron out wrinkles and give the face a fuller more youthful look. Another side effect can be Carpal tunnel syndrome. This is caused by pressure on the carpal tunnel which through your nerves travel in your arms. This is because of the increased muscle mass pushing on the carpal tunnel and can feel a bit like pins and needles in your fingers. This will subside when you finish your course of HGH. Hypertropin side effects can also be the infamous morning aches. This is when you wake up and feel as though you have been though the most intense workout you have ever had. The feeling includes aching joints and sore fingers and toes. The cause of the morning aches is thought to be the body growing and rejuvenating during sleep and because your workout are more intense whilst using HGH


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