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Buy IGF-1 Insulin Like Growth Factor

IGF was discovered nearly 60 year ago. It was initially thought only to replace lost cartilage. In fact IGF-1 increases growth and metabolism in many other tissues in the human body. This hormone is also known to prevent ageing of the muscle tissues as well a stimulating the growth of new muscle fibres and the formation of new muscle cells. Although produced mostly in the liver. Its found that nearly any other tissue in the body can make IGF to some extent.

Initially Insulin like growth Factor was used to treat children who had trouble reaching their height markers. It was found that if treatment started early enough a normal height could be achieved. In fact it was found in later studies that IGF-1 encourages the anabolic and linear (height) growth of those patients who took it.

IGF-1 promotes brain health by forming new neurons

In a recent study it was found that the IGF-1 in the blood, injected or natural, was increasing the number of neurons in the adult brain. This was only found to happen though during exercise. The mechanism for this is still not fully understood. Its also known that Insulin like growth factor has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well as being anabolic. Its also known to protect muscle and other cells from damage. There is no also evidence suggesting that IGF has a role in sperm production.

Improves recovery times

IGF1 will help improve stamina as well as strength and speed. Its also known to reduce the time healing takes after and injury. Usual doses are 100mcg daily injected just after training. Its no coincidence that children heal faster than adults because of their high levels of IGF. Its lack of this hormone which can quicken the ageing process as we get into our thirties.

5kits IGF-1 Long R3 5000mcg $850

10kits IGF-1 Long R3 10000mcg $1500

We sell IGF-1 Long R3

This is the product we sell here at 5kits. Its known that this product is 2-3 times more potent than the IGF-1 product.

Igtropin contains IGF-1 long R3

Because Igtropin IGF-1 Long R3 is more potent than regular IGF-1 the dosage needs only be 10-50mcg per day.



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