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Jintropin was the original recombinant HGH to emerge during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. It was made by Gensci Bioscience and was the first synthetic human growth hormone to be widely available to buy online. This HGH product was a popular product, so much so, that the bug western pharma companies did their best to eliminate this cheaper competition. They first tried to say that Jintropin was unsafe and not as good quality as their own human growth hormone products. They urged people to get their Jintropin tested at the lab. This was a stunt that backfired as many people did get Jintropin lab tested and it was found to be perfectly good!

Russian Jintropin made under license original

The next step for big pharma was to try and get Jintropin banned from western markets so they could have it all to themselves. They were successful in this in 2007. This is where it all went wrong for Jintropin. Counterfeiters and fakers moved in to offer copies of Jintropin.  Inevitably these copies were inferior to the original and so the good name of Jintropin was tarnished through no fault of its own. However the people behind the original product are still making it in China and also have been producing it legitimately in Russia and Mexico.


Jintropin HGH from Zhao

Jintropin was one of the first human growth hormones from China to come onto the market. It was revelation that ordinary people could afford genuine HGH. Jintropin becaome the growth hormone to have and it became extremely popular. Jintropin has been overtaken in popularity by the likes of Kigtropin and Hygetropin, but there aint nothing wrong with one of the original human growth hormone products to come out of China.

Jintropin is used by bodybuilders and those looking to halt the ageing process

Bodybuilders use growth hormone to pack on muscle but its also used by men and women who want to look and feel younger as it helps regenerate tissue in the body, spreads up healing and recovery times and replenishes cellular fluid to smooth out wrinkles.

5 kits Jintropin 500iu $800

10 Kits Jintropin 1000iu $1300

Its important to get the correct form of synthetic HGH

Jintropin is made of  amino acids all joined together. Its important to realise that there were originally two forms of man made HGH. One of the manufacturing processes made a form of HGH which was slightly diiferent than the HGH we produce naturally in our bodies. This HGH contained 192 amino acids which is not the same as he natural 191 amino acid HGH we produce in our own bodies. This led to some adverse reactions as the body didnt recognise this hormone and mounted an immune response against it. Jintropin contains 191 amino acid HGH.  The 191 version of HGH is the correct type of growth hormone to take. You will have no rejection problems with Jintropin as its the same hormone that we see in our bodies.

Its not just bodybuilders who use growth hormone. Its properties are: younger looking skin, thicker hair, brighter complexion and a healthy glow all over. Not to mention that it makes you feel great. You can get better sleep and so feel refreshed in the morning, not to mention an improved sex life.



5 kits Jintropin 500iu $800

10 Kits Jintropin 1000iu $1300



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