Omnitrope 5x30iu (total 150iu) $600


The omnitrope pen 10 is used with omnitrope HGH cartridges we include one free with each order

5x30iu Omnitrope (total 150iu) $600

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Information at a glance

  • Manufactured by: Sandoz Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.
  • In production since: 2001-up to present day
  • Originating from: Austria
  • Cost: $5-$20 per IU
  • HGH variant: 191 amino acid
  • Purity: 5/5
  • Availability: 3/5
  • Value for money: 2/5

Omnitrope by Sandoz of Austria produce a pharmaceutical grade humen growth hormone product. Its pure 191 amino acid somatropin which is bio-identical to that produced by the human body.

No mixing or priming the cartridge is required

The cartridges can come with the HGH powder already in solution so no mixing is required. There are also vials which can be used with this pen and they must be reconstituted before they can be used. Once reconstituted they must be stored at the correct temperature and used within 3 weeks. The cartridges come in various sizes with 5mg (15iu) and 10mg (30iu) being the most popular. Sandoz, the company behind Omnitrope are headquartered in Austria but produce Omnitrope for several countries so its not uncommon to see some products with ie `”Mexico” stamped all over them.

Sandoz are headquartered in Austria but have production facilities worldwide. The cartridges can come ready mixed are there are also vials which you must reconstitute yourself

The injecting pen can be used several times on the one needle. This is because the pen contains a sterilising solution much the same as an insulin pen does.

Its not often you see this product faked. As with most pens its very difficult for the fakers to counterfeit the exact pen and cartridge and so they tend to concentrate on the more easy to fake products like kigtropin, hypertropin etc.

find omnitrope hgh to buy
The omnitrope pen 10 is used with omnitrope cartridges, we include one with each order


Omnitrope purity and quality are without question

Omnitrope is manufactured to strict guidelines and so there should never be any problems with contamination or impurity. As with all medicines there can be side effects but these are well documented for somatropin so we wont go through them again. Just to say though, there is more and more evidence now to say that people with cancer should not take any type of somatropin as it could make the problem worse. Pregnant females and those with diabetes should also not take omnitrope.


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