Riptropin 5x100iu Kits $700



Riptropin for Sale


Riptropin is pure 191 amino acid human growth hormone

Riptropin HGH is a popular product. Its pure 191 amino acid somatropin (HGH) made by the recombinant bacterial fermentation process. Riptropin has the bacterial residue left over from the production process removed efficiently. Because  the residue is removed to such a high degree this HGH is considered a very pure product.

5x100iu Kits Riptropin $700

Riptropin authenticity can be verified via the serial number


The serial numbers for riptropin will contain 16 digits. Fortunately the fakers seem to be only printing one serial number on the fake products at the moment which is  (9910839982682370) if you have a box with this number it will be confirmed as a fake.

The 100iu boxes comprise of 10x10iu vials


This HGH product comes in 100iu boxes containing 10x10iu glass vials. Each vial containing the freeze dried powder. Water is also included with each box. The Bac (bacteriostatic) water is mixed with the powder (never shake it) and injected. Once the  powder and water has been mixed it can be stored for a maximum of 30 days in the fridge.

10x10iu glass vials


Because its a freeze dried powder its more easily transported. Its well known that HGH can be damaged in transit either by heat or rough handling. Because its freeze dried its much more robust. If we ship to hot countries we will always use cold packaging to protect the integrity of the riptropin.

Riptropin is identical to growth hormone produced in the human body


Riptropin has all the usual desirable attributes one would seek from Human growth hormone. It is most usually used by body builders who dont mind mixing it themselves. Its a small inconvenience considering the massive saving you are making by not buying from any of the big pharmaceutical companies.

Its the same HGH used to promote anti-ageing


Its not only used to gain muscle and burn fat. This popular HGH product is also used for anti-ageing purposes. It plumps out the skin and reduces wrinkles. It aids better sleep thus enabling the body to rapidly repair itself. It increase the efficiency of the metabolic pathways and so helps the body burn more calories. Its known to increase bone and muscle density as well as increasing the libido.


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