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Buy Saizen Click Easy HGH pens for any purpose. Saizen is somatropin produced by the recombinant (rDNA) method produced for sale by the company Merck Serono. Its made using the same methode that most HGH pens use these days. This is by adding a gene to a common bacteria E.Coli which then produces growth hormone that can then be extracted and purified to produce pure somatropin HGH. The HGH is then packaged along with the pen used to administer the product.


The Saizen pen provides an easy way to administer HGH hence the name Click easy

The Click easy pen contains HGH somatropin which is known to cause: Tissue growth especially muscle, as well as skeletal and organ growth. The Saizen pen also improves the metabolism so that fats are better burnt off as well as increasing cartlage and connective tissue. Of course the pen is most often used in children to increase height but now its more often used for other purposes such as body building and halting the ageing process.

Click Easy prices USA

The average cost for an 8mg 24iu Saizen click easy pen in the USA is between $400-500.  The price is purely dictated by the market as to what people are prepared to pay and what their medical insurance companies will stomach. If the treatment is going to be over a considerable amount of time obviously the price can get quite high, especially if you are having to pay for it yourself. We source Easy Click pens from countries where they are on the market for less. As with most international companies Merck Serono have a global pricing policy. This means that it charges different prices for its products in different countries. There is nothing to stop you using these cheaper products which are made by the same company to the same high standards. The only difference is the packaging has been printed for a different language. We always provide printed English transaltions with all of our Saizen HGH pen products.

How to buy Saizen HGH Click Easy pens

For any other prices please contact us. These pens are shipped from the USA using cold packaging. All items have at least a 1 year expiry date and are sent tracked and insured. If you buy Saizen from us your shipment is guaranteed.

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