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Serostim is HGH that was initially prescribed to HIV patients

Serostim is full 191 amino acid sequence HGH somatropin. It was originally intended to treat patients with HIV but it can be used for any other reason as person may want to use HGH. This can be to gain lean muscle mass and lose fat, slow and reverse the ageing process and increase height in growing children.

Serostim is used by bodybuilders to gain muscle

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Serostim HGH is the same HGH as any other HGH product such as hypertropin, kigtropin or jintropin etc. This product will dramatically increase the muscle mass of the person using it. A bodybuilder may expect to gain between 20-30% increase in lean muscle mass for a first time user. The benefits of using serostim HGH to gain muscle rather than using anabolic steroids are due mainly to the side effects. Steroids will have worse side effects generally. Serostim HGH also produces better lean muscle. It will produce better muscle than conventional steroids because it increase both the size and number of muscle cells. Steroids generally only increase the size of each muscle cell. The number of muscle cells generally stay the same using steroids.

Serostim has other desirable effects

Serostim has other effects other than increasing lean muscle mass. It can improve the metabolic rate so that you have more energy. It can increase the way the muscles receive nutrients by increasing the cardiovascular blood flow.  It improves sleep patterns. One of the ways HGH prevents ageing is by increasing an improving quality of sleep. Older people sleep less and have a poorer quality of sleep younger folk. Taking HGH can return you to those days when you slept long and well and awoke feeling refreshed.  Indeed its during sleep that HGH can have its best effect repairing the body.


How to take Serostim

Serostim HGH is usually injected just under the skin into the subcutaneous fat layer. It is a less invasive injection than those which penetrate muscle or a vein. Serostim HGH is usually injected every day or sometimes you can do “day on day off” with it. Its usually injected just before going to sleep. To inject the serostim first take a 3 inch fold of fat, push the needle all the way into the fold, let go of the fold and then inject slowly.


Side Effects of Serostim HGH

The most common of the side effects associated with serostim or any HGH are: muscle aches, sore joints and swelling in the feet and hands. These side effects usually disappear with continued use of the HGH. You may also get carpal tunnel syndrome, this is where the nerves in the forearms are squeezed by new muscle growth. This can give tingling and numbness in the fingers but will stop after the serostim HGH course is finished.




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