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Tracking numbers

When buying HGH its important to get quality genuine HGH from a reliable maker. We hate to hear of people getting scammed thats why you should continue reading the below information. We show tracking numbers of HGH orders, lab results showing the authenticity of our products and other guarantees and security features to put your mind at rest.

We post this info to show that Iron Man HGH is a trustworthy and reliable source of HGH that never leaves their customers empty handed.

Blood serum results

Here are blood results from a user who purchased Jintropin and Hygetropin from us (33,5 ng/ml, 29,2 ng/ml) and Hygetropin (39,7 ng/ml, 20,5 ng/ml)

Jintropin (33,5 ng/ml, 29,2 ng/ml)

Hygetropin (39,7 ng/ml, 20,5 ng/ml)

Blood serum results


Below track the items for yourself to show that items get sent and customers actually receive them no matter what country

HGH sent to the UK


HGH orders sent to the United States

hgh delivery guarantee

HGH delivered successfully in Europe

Authenticity stickers fibres and Stickers to show genuine HGH

Check out the Jintropin stickers with the fibres embedded in the sticker, vary hard for the fakers to replicate. You can also verify the serials on the Gensci website



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