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Where to buy genuine HGH without getting scammed

Where can I buy quality HGH without being scammed or buying bunk gear?

There are four main sources when it comes to getting your hands on, or being able to buy HGH.

  1. From a pharmacy with a doctors prescription
  2. From a pharmacy without a doctors prescription (usually in a country with less regulation)
  3. From, friends such as at the gym or a local dealer, someone coming back from holiday with some goodies etc..
  4. Buy HGH online from a trusted website

1.The first on the list is usually the most difficult and most expensive way to buy HGH. Firstly the Doctor will not give you a prescription just because you ask him (unless you are Michael Jackson). You will usually only get a prescription if there is a medical need for the HGH. Such as someone suffering with a growth hormone deficiency (GHD).  Body building and anti-ageing are not considered medical uses for HGH. Of course you may know a friendly doctor who will write a prescription for you. If you are in Europe and you get a prescription you will probably get it free under the local health system rather than having to buy the HGH yourself.

2. This is one of the best ways of getting decent HGH. If you have a little knowledge of the country you are going to. Several countries have pharmacies which will sell you HGH without a prescription. This could be because they are corrupt and don’t care what you want it for. They will sell you anything if you pay enough. Or it could be that the laws are different in that country and a script is not really needed for HGH. Thailand is a good example of this. You can buy HGH in certain licensed pharmacies but you must know which ones to go to.  The pharmacies there usually have to pay a little sweetener to a government official to get the necessary licence (corruption). Turkey, Russia, Mexico and China are other countries where its easier to buy HGH in a pharmacy.

3. The biggest guys at the gym are nearly always using HGH or steroids or both. You can always ask them where they got theirs and if they can get you some. This is obviously fraught with problems. What if they think you are setting them up? And of course you would have to know them pretty well to bring up the topic of HGH. And, especially where to buy it. Then of course you may have a local dealer who can get it, These though are quite few and far between as its not like contacting the local cannabis dealer. There are just not that many HGH dealers around. Another way is to ask somebody coming back from a country that sells HGH to get some for you. They can either carry it back with them. Depending on the laws of the country they are bringing it back to (Such as the UK where its legal to bring it back). Or if they don’t want to do that, they could just post it back to you. At least you know its been posted.

4. There are hundreds of websites online offering to sell you HGH. A lot of them are scam websites who wont send anything or sell you low grade HGH. This is a pity because there are decent websites out there who will provide a decent service and are just after a making a profit from happy returning customers. We know of several websites at present who offer such as service such as ourselves. If we do not have the product you want we are often asked (do you know where I can it?) However experience has told us that printing a list of good HGH websites can be unhelpful. This is because it needs to be an up to date list, let me explain. Some websites start off good and then get bad reviews, maybe someone else has taken over etc. Or it could be that the website has just decided to start scamming people for whatever reason. We would not want to give out any website names here only to find they have scammed someone. If you want a product we do not stock we will do our best to refer you to someone else. We do not take any responsibility though for the conduct of third part HGH websites.

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