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Women and HGH

Women and HGH

What are the issues concerning women and human growth hormone

Women and men take human growth hormone for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons maybe be purely medical such as HGH prescribed by a physician. And some of the reasons may be non-medical, for instance for muscle gain or anti-ageing.

Why do women take HGH

For skin health

HGH can work wonders unlike steroids

As with both sexes levels of growth hormone begin to decline in our twenties. This can reduce the elasticity of the skin leading to sagging and wrinkles.  The reason why we have smooth supple and elastic skin in our youth is that its full of collagen. Collagen is a protein and its the reduction of HGH which leads to less formation of collagen. This fibrous protein also plumps out our lips and cheeks giving a youthful and healthy glow. Women can increase levels of collagen in the skin by taking HGH. Its no coincidence that HGH is prescribed to burns victims because it helps form new skin and collagen.

Increased levels of collagen in the skin also lead to increased water levels. As we all know proper skin hydration is vital if we want  it look look and feel full of life.By taking human growth hormone women can significantly improve the feel and look of skin all over the body.

To prevent osteoporosis

Its become widely accepted that HGH can increase bone density in women by between 5-15%, especially in women who have had the menopause. Studies have shown that when women were given growth hormone and a different group given a placebo. The group given the growth hormone fared much better.

To improve hair and nails

Women’s hair and nail growth can be quickened by the use of growth hormone. Both hair and nails consist of a protein called keratin. Because human growth hormone increases the protein levels in our bodies this also increases keratin quantity and quality. This with lead to quicker growing nails and hair with a smoother fuller appearance. HGH will also reverse thinning hair in women in 70% of cases.

To burn fat

HGH gets rid of unwanted fat in a number of ways. Firstly it will increase muscle density. As muscle will burn calories even at at rest its a great way of doing something positive even when asleep. Growth hormone also increases the efficiency of our metabolic pathways. This in turn gives us more energy to be more active and therefore burn calories through activity. Did we mention sex? Its no secret that fulfilling sex can be both a strenuous as well as enjoyable activity. Because HGH helps revive those smouldering desires in both men and women this is another activity which will burn off those pounds.

Women body builders

Of course women also take HGH for body building purposes as well as men. The great thing about HGH where women are concerned is that it doesn’t have the masculinising effects that steroids have. So women can take HGH safely without  those awful side effects such a deepening voice and body hair.

HGH will not cause manly traits so its safe for women

For anti-ageing

There are a number of factors which make HGH popular to prevent ageing. And there is no doubt that it works. We have all seen people who are of the same age but look drastically different in terms of appearance. A lot of this is due to HGH levels. This amazing hormone will improve the blood supply, burn fat, increase muscle, energise skin, improve your sex life and mood.

It has also been shown to just give a feeling of general well being and we have already spoken about the effect it has upon bone health. So it seems that HGH adds up to more than the sum of its parts. It does all the things we have already mentioned but in addition seems to slow, halt and in some cases reverse the damage done by ageing. Who says that just because we have to grow older, as we all must, that we cant do it with a better quality of life brought about by increased HGH levels in women.

These women are the same age

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